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Let us introduce ourselves...

The Govett family are the team behind Newton Manor Farm and have been farming in Newton Stacey, Hampshire for nearly a century. It all started with John's granny and her herd of Guernsey cows back in the 1920s and after many herds over the years, we have settled with Longhorns. Their friendly nature and delicious meat make farming a pleasure, and it's clear if you spend 5 minutes talking to John and Louis that the main reason we do it is for the love of it.

Our farm has predominantly beef cattle but also pigs, chickens, turkeys and donkeys too.

Louis with calf.jpeg


Our number one cow whisperer, Louis knows all the animals by name and can tell you their individual personality traits if you're so inclined to listen!


Josh & Jess

The chefs behind our supper clubs and mostly to be found in our HQ (the kitchen) when not chasing chickens or herding runaway pigs.

John with Royal.jpg


Happiest when pottering around with just his cows for company, John knows all there is to know about his herd and is also our chief burger taster.



Head rabbit catcher and most important member of the team.

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